Thursday , 29 September 2016

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8 Key Steps To Awesome Content Creation


Good original content creation is a prerequisite for Content Marketing. You might wonder, what qualifies as good content? There are a large number of points that can be discussed on content, all the way from planning to deployment and monitoring. In this list, I will try to address the basic needs. You can apply these tips for a smaller startup company, …

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Why you’ll love Google’s New Search Analytics


If you are a webmaster, you’ve probably already discovered how indispensable Google Webmasters Tools is for monitoring performance analysis and optimization of your website. If not, there’s no time like the present! Go grab your Google Webmaster Tools account and take a tour to learn how to use this amazing tool. Google Webmaster Tools has launched a new tool for the …

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12 Business Twitter Tips to Get More Followers


Twitter like most social media channels is a sea of endless noise. So how do you really to reach out and shine above the masses? I have listed 12 Business Twitter Tips to get more followers that you need to consider when you want to increase your Business’ following on Twitter! 1. Link to your Twitter Account The more visibility you …

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Build a winning content strategy that gets results


Building a Social Media content strategy from scratch is not as simple as it may look. What should you say? How will people respond? How often you should send out offers on Facebook Vs. Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc? And how much money, energy, and thought you you add to your product images and content? First & Foremost – Ensure your name is …

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