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10 alternatives to carpal tunnel surgery


Top 10 alternatives to Carpal Tunnel Surgery and / or Cubital Tunnel Surgery. Remember surgery isn’t a quick fix, it comes with several months (if not years) of physical therapy, possible conflicts, create worse problems and or permanent damage. Granted situations vary, but I probably have more issues post surgery and wish I had known about these alternatives to Carpal Tunnel ...

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Get better stats by filtering bot traffic in Google Analytics!


Google Analytics recently released a new feature where you can click on a flag to assist with filtering bot traffic from spiders and bots. This is important because it will allow your statistics to be more accurate. Before I explain how to enable the bot filtering flag in Google Analytics, I want to explain a bit more about what the ...

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Why are stupid people spreading Ebola?


Just some random thoughts on how in general most people seem to be complacent and blinded to all of the corruption and problems in society. Generally speaking, most (not all but most) people are such self-preserving, selfish and clueless individuals that they could care less about anything unless it effects them directly. If you think i’m mistaken, just think about ...

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Social Media Bandwagon: Don’t be a phony

Social Media Bandwagon

As any Internet marketer already knows: Google loves content, content is king. We are taught to write quality content and of course research our topics based on current trends as you will get more hits based on what people are searching for etc. But is it always wise to jump on the Social Media Bandwagon? After the recent tragic loss ...

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