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12 Business Twitter Tips to Get More Followers

Twitter like most social media channels is a sea of endless noise. So how do you really to reach out and shine above the masses? I have listed 12 Business Twitter Tips to get more followers that you need to consider when you want to increase your Business’ following on Twitter! …

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Build a winning content strategy that gets results

Building a Social Media content strategy from scratch is not as simple as it may look. What should you say? How will people respond? How often you should send out offers on Facebook Vs. Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc? And how much money, energy, and thought you you add to your product …

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Newbie guide to social media Hashtags

Social Media Hashtags

What are Social Media Hashtags? A hashtag is a word or phrase that starts with what we often call the fence or hash sign, #.  It is used in social media and becomes a form of categorization of what you write. You can for example use a social media hashtag …

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Social Media Bandwagon: Don’t be a phony

Social Media Bandwagon

As any Internet marketer already knows: Google loves content, content is king. We are taught to write quality content and of course research our topics based on current trends as you will get more hits based on what people are searching for etc. But is it always wise to jump …

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Dangers of using Social Media under the influence

Are you sure you’re cool to Tweet right now? We often forget how anything posted on the internet is not only there for others to see, but it is there for all time. Don’t use Social Media while under the influence & save yourself from potential shame that won’t wash …

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History of Social Media

Social Media did not start with Facebook or Twitter. Actually, it has been around for decades! Discover the History of Social media and major landmarks in its history with this infographic designed by Karim Benyagoub. (@karim_designs) for Cendrine Marrouat (@cendrinemedia). The infographic was originally published at the following link: http://www.creativeramblings.com/social-media-history-infographic-updated/

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Five New Facebook Admin Roles for Pages

ADMINISTRATOR ROLES ON FACEBOOK PAGES If you are the owner of a Facebook Page, you will be excited to know that you can now add an unlimited number of administrators to help with the page. You can also assign them different roles, so that they have the right to do different …

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