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How to Create and Install a Favicon

Favicons (short for ‘favorites icon’ and sometimes referred to as ’shortcut icon’, ‘website icon’, ‘page icon’ or ‘urlicon’,) are 16px. x 16px. images that are associated with a particular website. Favicon was originally invented by Microsoft back when Internet Explorer version 5 was released. In this article I will go …

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How to select a web host

So you want to create a website for your business or organization? There are several crucial elements to consider when trying to decide upon a web hosting company to use for your business or organization. You want a company that is stable, cost effective, lots of features and of course …

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Dreamcore v 3.0 goes live

The fresh new look of Dreamcore has arrived as version 3.0 goes live with a new custom wordpress theme. Not only was a totally new layout designed for 3.0 but WordPress was chosen as the backbone software to run the site due to its overall efficiency, quality and stability. Dreamcore …

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