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Why you’ll love Google’s New Search Analytics

If you are a webmaster, you’ve probably already discovered how indispensable Google Webmasters Tools is for monitoring performance analysis and optimization of your website. If not, there’s no time like the present! Go grab your Google Webmaster Tools account and take a tour to learn how to use this amazing tool. …

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Newbie guide to social media Hashtags

Social Media Hashtags

What are Social Media Hashtags? A hashtag is a word or phrase that starts with what we often call the fence or hash sign, #.  It is used in social media and becomes a form of categorization of what you write. You can for example use a social media hashtag …

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Google MobileGeddon: What you need to know!

Google’s Mobile update means major changes On April 21st, Google released the most recent major update for organic search results (SEO), an update to its algorithm that will reward mobile friendly pages. It is said to be the biggest update since the Panda or Penguin and if you believe some …

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Social Media Bandwagon: Don’t be a phony

Social Media Bandwagon

As any Internet marketer already knows: Google loves content, content is king. We are taught to write quality content and of course research our topics based on current trends as you will get more hits based on what people are searching for etc. But is it always wise to jump …

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History of Social Media

Social Media did not start with Facebook or Twitter. Actually, it has been around for decades! Discover the History of Social media and major landmarks in its history with this infographic designed by Karim Benyagoub. (@karim_designs) for Cendrine Marrouat (@cendrinemedia). The infographic was originally published at the following link: http://www.creativeramblings.com/social-media-history-infographic-updated/

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Google search behavior changes for “phrase” and “exact” match keywords

In mid-May 2012 Google will be rolling out an update on how the matching behavior works for phrase and exact-match keywords to extend to misspellings, plurals and other close variants. Previously only phrase and exact-match keywords with results if the user enters their search in the correct order, or with …

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SEO as an integrated marketing element

For many years Internet Marketing has played an increasingly important role in national and especially in the international distribution of products and services. Most all businesses and a large proportion of private users or consumers regularly draw virtually on the Internet, or are even completely dependent on it (eg a …

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Google Chrome Review

Top news on the internet this week is the beta release of Google’s new browser, Chrome. Google has designed this new browser to try focus on speed and simplicity. For the user, Google wants the browser to disappear and to focus on the actual applications and pages users are viewing, …

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Why SEO Is Important For Your Website

As we move into web 2.0 the next generation of web development it amazes me still how many websites do not use proper (SEO) technologies. This article will discuss the basics of SEO (SEO) and how it is an important factor to the success of your website. The aim of …

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