10 Possible iGoogle Replacement Alternatives

Earlier this month on July 3rd, 2012 Google CEO Larry announced that on November 1st, 2013 that iGoogle will be retired. The service, which among other things, has served as a home page for users where they are able to personalize their own design and add services, widgets, tools, as well as rss feed content  to their satisfaction has lost its function in and with the plug-in that many browsers allow today. I can easily say that I was one of  many that was disheartened by this news as I have been using iGoogle as my personal homepage for many years now.

November 2013 gives us over a year to find an iGoogle replacement, however since Google has not announced any plans to offer an alternative that leaves people frantically scanning the internet for hopeful iGoogle replacement alternatives.

What is the best iGoogle replacement? The answer to that really depends on you and how you were using the iGoogle service. So to those of you distressed and gushing over iGoogle’s retirement can now is now be moderately calm.  I’ve done several searches and there are other services with similar functionality out there. So let’s take a look at some of the best iGoogle alternatives to date.

1. Netvibes


Netvibes allows you to create your own “desktop” on your browser. For example, you can include your Facebook, Google Mail, various news sites and create lists and add weather report in the same area. It helps, of course with all these features if you want to get an overview of information you feel is important in a way that is quick and smooth.Netvibes is not difficult to handle and it is easy to add and delete their applications, “widgets”.

One advantage of Netvibes is that you can create different “tabs” that allow you to categorize your various surfaces. If, for example, to collect all the news sites in a tab for easy overview of the news so it is therefore excellent to do. We find many similarities to iGoogle and Netvibes may well be a viable alternative that actually satisfies many of the functions iGoogle had.

Netvibes also offers a plethora of different themes that color the background and buttons, it adds so clearly a more a more intimate touch.


NetVibes Features:

  • Build multiple dashboards
  • Over 200,000 applications are available to add to dashboards
  • Real time monitoring keeps the content up to date
  • Tagging helps the user sort and retrieve content
  • Mobile access is available for iPhone and iPad users
  • Users can follow Tweets about a specific topic or product
  • Microsites can be created and published with a few clicks



2. Incredible StartPage Google Chrome

Chrome Apps are plugins that can be used in Google Chrome Browser.These plug-ins, there are several that allow you to create a “desktop” with your “widgets”. An outstanding plug-ins, part of which might fill many needs.



Incredible StartPage for Chrome Features:

  • Create multiple “Notepads” to take notes while you surf.
  • Get an overview of recently visited pages.
  • Adding your bookmarks or shortcuts to te.x. Social media, blogs or e-mail.
  • Synca your notepads to the Google cloud Drive.

The disadvantage of Incredible Home Page is that you can not get real time information in the same manner as Netvibes. However, if you only want access to more effective management of your bookmarks and able to take notes while you browse, we can heartily recommend Incredible Home Page application to Chrome.

The ability to make the application more personal is also in the form of themes or that they themselves are coloring, and change the design of the surface.

What we lack is the ability to handle RSS feeds and social functions such as Facebook and Twitter. According to the developers, however, work with the app continuously, so there is every possibility that it will come.For example, put it recently, “most visited pages” as a tab-able.


3. uStart


uStart is a free start page that offers several customisable features. You can create your own theme,  add in multiple RSS feeds, and even add widgets to display an overview of your twitter feed, email, calendar, local weather and much more. You can separate your widgets into multiple tabs so you can have one tab per subject or theme, one for gaming, one for news, one for social media etc.  Finally, similar to Netvibes, you do not need to sign up for this service to test it out.

4. Protopage

A service quite similar to Netvibes and uStart, Protopage is also a worthwhile alternative for iGoogle. Protopage does take a bit more time and effort to get it set up compared to the other two. It has a very nice web 2.0 orientated design and is very slid in every area that you would expect from a personal start page. You can try it before you register. By default, the service offers a full tab of news sources, a bookmarks tab and Notes tab.

Protopage Features:

  • Multiple tabs for better organization
  • Read outside mail from popular sources like Gmail
  • Wide range of built-in RSS feeds and you can add any feed you want
  • Add custom widgets


5. My Yahoo, My Earthlink, My AOL, & My MSN

How can we forget about websites like Yahoo, Earthlink, AOL & MSN?  Let’s kick it old school from those pre-Google days!  My Yahoo was one of the first customizable home pages when it was launched over a decade ago. Over the years Yahoo has continued to develop and enhance its many features.  You can customize your start page to display the local weather, your social media feeds, and choice of news subjects.Yahoo! has its own style service iGoogle, entitled  My Yahoo! .  It allows complete customization of content and appearance.  Much of what iGoogle offers is also available here, albeit with a touch decidedly Yahoo! AOL, Earthlink and MSN offer similar ‘MY’ homepages, they are all comparable so feel free to test them out for yourself.


6. Spaaze



Spaaze is a bit ‘different from the rest of the services mentioned herein as it presents itself as an infinite virtual cork board and has hundreds of widgets to drag and drop. the same corkboard allows you to scroll in any direction, at any time, you can use a “map” that allows you to quickly jump to a specific section. It is a great tool for web people who could use a little help getting more organized.

Spaaze Features

  • Create your own Spaaze board
  • Add videos, images, links and text notes
  • Drag and drop items wherever you want them on the board
  • Choose between the prepay and subscription payment options
  • Use labels and bookmarks for fast access


7. All My Faves


If you are hooked on StumbleUpon you will most likely dig All My Faves. The website is a essentially a large collection of other websites that you can book mark to one start page.  Each site is represented by small icons with their logos. The service is free, but you will need to sign up for an account to use the service. Once registered you get to select your own collection of “fave” sites that you can use to quickly jump to your favorite pages. You also get to choose up to seven topics of interest (technical, business, health, etc.) that are used to generate batches of sites you might like. Once you complete the set up process, you will see a tabbed display of your favorite sites and your selected topics of interest.  On a personal note, I’m not sure All My Faves will cut if for me as an iGoogle replacement, but All my faves is a very nice service if you are looking for a favorites-oriented home page with many customization options.


8. Symbaloo


Symbaloo is a personable start page tool that lets users add all their most important links in a format that is easy to use. The user’s webmix appears as sleek buttons with icons or logos. The user can drag and drop items to organize them in a way that is convenient and practical. The items, or tiles, can be searched so users can find those that are most relevant to the items they are adding. Users can view their home webmix or browse webmix collections. News highlights and major news are also accessible through tabs on the Symbaloo homepage. The user can access an online resource simply by clicking one of the tiles on the webmix they are currently viewing.  Another great service but unsure if I would personally find it to be a sufficient iGoogle replacement.



Similar to All My Faves, is a site that provides a simple service that can help save time through homepage personalization. You can add icons to many popular websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and many other well known websites or internet applications. Customization options are also available so the user can choose the layout and design. Again, another nice site if you used iGoogle for primarily links and bookmarking.


10. Skim.Me

This is a new service that is supposedly expected to launch Summer of 2012. Skim.Me is founded by Clinton Wu who says, “We make your daily online routine more productive and have been working on this for the past year. When you go to you can either requested an invite, or sign-in using your Facebook account. I have not received an invite yet, and haven’t really wanted to connect it with my Facebook account simply because I have signed up on similar sites and really dislike that as soon as I sign up they display my entire timeline.

Clinton Wu shares, “Your routine sources (not just news and social media) are automatically setup, personalized and managed for you. Browse content from your sources in timed batches throughout the day and see how much you’ve accomplished, never how many unread you have. All the content is viewed in our app instead of linking you outside to new tabs.”  While I haven’t received my invite yet, I will say that I did receive an email from Clinton Wu asking for ideas and feedback. “What do you want that you can’t find anywhere else? “

Again, not a lot of information on Skim.Me just yet and it is too early to tell if it would make a viable iGoogle replacement for me since I use most of iGoogle’s features. I love gadgets! not just RSS feeds, news readers, links to my favorites etc.


Most Importantly – DON’T PANIC!  Remember, you have until November 2013 so take your time finding a new homepage. I’m sure many new iGoogle alternatives will pop up between now and then. Enjoy!



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  1. Was originally impressed by Protopage, but now my interest is waning. The closer we get to iGoogle’s inevitable shut-down, the more server-laden Protopage becomes – it seems they’re just not ready for that much foot-traffic. Will be searching for other alternatives.

    1. I have been using Protopage for a few months. Now they are adding adds unless I pay $2.99 a month. Moving on…

      1. Well, a replacement would be nice indeed, but it can’t really match the original iGoogle and doesn’t really add value to your startpage… I feel it’s somehow a downgrade from the original iGoogle.

        You you will enjoy the change, I felt a real Upgrade after I start using
        It has a beautiful interface, you will love it!

        1. The sad thing is people are doing what you are doing (and George below who seems to somehow have the exact same product review as you, go figure) and making up crap so we will try the site.

          And netvibes free services blows chunks. Why would anyone pay for it after seeing their apps are outdated and not even connected?

          I am lost at what to use as nothing does what IGoogle provided but be damned if I will pay them for that.

    2. Well, a replacement would be nice indeed, but it can’t really match the original iGoogle and doesn’t really add value to your startpage… I feel it’s somehow a downgrade from the original iGoogle.
      You you will enjoy the change, I felt a real Upgrade after I start using
      It has a beautiful interface, you will love it!

      1. Now that one at least looks promising as a start page … Netvibes start page before signin is an ad for their expensive products! BLEAH!!!! (This one may be as well, so not endorsing yet but going to be at this one looking for sure)

  2. I’m starting to feel a little better about this, but I suspect that if they were to improve igoogle it would be a safer bet. This could be a business mistake on the level of New CoKe, a whammy that could screw up the company in ways not anticipated. These kids are playing pool and sitting in rubik’s cube beanbag chairs, maybe a little too confident. Just a thought. I don’t know that it’s occured to them that we might get our email accounts transfered to the new pages, etc.

  3. Nollr ( is a new start page project currently in beta. Its an entirely web-based start page, and built to flex to the user’s device — so its accessible on all your devices (laptop, tablet, mobile) regardless of browser, hardware, or software. It handles everything from images, to videos, to web apps like calculators and weather widgets. Its free and all about being open and transparent.

    1. Wow!!!! Just tried Nollr. Very cool. So simple. Just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you!!!

      1. Thank you Jeff! Tried several options before finding this. Like that I can tag/filter all the items on my page. It’s very clean and automatically adjusts to the size of your browser/device which is really nice. There are no ads or clutter (at least for now) and the widgets are really nice, especially the weather one which appears to change color with the temperature and time of day!

    2. Looks a bit like the new Windows 8 “Metro” start screen. Perfect for folks like myself who would rather not jump into Windows 8 to access a nicely designed/feature-rich start page. It’s a really a smart idea. Looks like you can “share” your start page with others which could be cool as well. Just signed up!

    3. Since I’ve had very bad experience with both Firefox and Chrome…I looked at this site and it doesn’t support IE. With that it’s not going to be one I talk about 🙁

  4. As a replacement for iGoogle, the Chrome Web Store and it’s offerings SUCK! I love Google and Chrome is my browser of choice but the Web Store offerings are a mess. The items I use a lot and rely on are just not available. Too bad we can’t stockpile iGoogle like we did with real Coke!

  5. I have loved the organization of the bookmarks in iGoogle. Nothing I’ve seen yet compares. Hope everyone will keep sharing what they find.

    1. I have to agree on the favorites list. Is a drop down list like igoogle so hard to produce? Maybe they can give it to someone since they think it’s archaic….. AOL has one that isn’t as good but could work. Looking back at Yahoo too. It may be time for old school browsers. I have had aol for many years and they are at least solid if not super hip.

  6. Yes PANIC. We don’t have until November 2013, Google is already dissassembing iGoogle. The “box of links” app is already broken. It figures since this is the one I used most. More organized than a long list of bookmarks, I use it to keep track of sites that I visit occasionally, but have to keep the URL for. Often the URL drills directly to the place I want to go int he site, or keeps track of some other detail for me. Not any more! Box of Links is gone, and thus my iGoogle page!

    1. is the website I found to be able to most resemble my use of igoogle BUT it still isn’t igoogle. It may be my only option as I’ve tested so many. I will switch from Chrome as my primary browser back to firefox. My old home was MyYahoo and it works well. I left them after I somehow screwed up and had my contacts and emails erased by a hacker once. Difficult choices.

  7. While I’m not an OMG no more more Igoogle what ever will I do now,kind of guy. Today I have started my search for a replacement. It appears it will be a daunting task for the minimal computer skills person that I am.
    All the potential replacement seem to focus on twitter and facebook which I do not participate in.
    All I want is my news (mostly Canadian content) and sports news and the ability to research info for my letters to the editor in the local and national newspapers.
    Can anybody help??

    1. I was using My Excite a while ago, but I switched to Igoogle for it’s on-screen apps. You may want to look into that one for your news interests. I was able to set up “My Newspapers” as one of the areas to display links. It may be something you could use, since it does not focus (or even include) facebook or twitter etc…

  8. Okay, I just tried, it didn’t work for me. It has very few widgets 🙁 The weather widget was way off on temp and the time was off like 1 hour and 23 minutes? Also, I tried to add my gmail accounts, all 3 of them and it said the passwords were wrong, but they weren’t. I had high hopes for this one, too bad it failed on all accounts!!

      1. Correction on my earlier reply…cant type for some reason this morning, it should read:

        Melissa your correct it doesn’t have the right temp nor does it have the right time.

  9. Netvibes sucks! I just tried it and the email widgets do not even access the network to try to login. I tried GMail and Yahoo mail apps. When I tried to login it says no information about this account. Really? Well I can access it via the web just fine. If the app cannot even access the network how can it work? And no I have no weird firewalls or other things. Tried safari and firefox.

  10. Well… They all suck.

    I hate change.

    I hate change.

    I hate change.

    Why are they forcing me to do things I don’t want to do?

  11. I’m thinking I might as well get a new email address while I’m at it and totally say good bye to google.

    1. I’m with ya on that. It’s a bit unfortunate that all cell phones running Android have gmail accounts. And we are being let down by google. Hopefully they have something hidden up their sleeve…

      1. I don’t think google has any clue what they are doing. Ever since they bought out Android and replaced it with google play theses been nothing but headaches. I know I’m a Android user.

    2. i totally agree! Now, what shall i do with my Android based smart phone? I was such a Google fan and now I feel they’ve kicked me aside. I don’t use half of what they offer nor do I have a need. I just want my igoogle page back!

  12. That’s too bad that igoogle is retiring.I’m so going to miss igoogle and probably get a new homepage next year.

  13. Hi All, I decided to design my own start page platform Semporium ( recently and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Its more like symbaloo and myfaves then igoogle but its still a work in progress so could end up completely different in the near future.

    If you love it let me know and if you don’t tell me why. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

    1. igHome might be the one. It directly accesses the google functions I use most as soon as you open it — gmail, maps, images, docs, etc. it seems weak on widgets, tho, will have to use its bookmarks function to subsitute. Maybe with time to develop?

    2. I’ve been using ighome for the past few months. It’s not as versatile as iGoogle but in some ways is helpful in its simplicity – and certainly looks like iGoogle
      But I’ll try out some of the other suggestions – Thanx

      1. Also thought it was a good alternative but ighome google calender widget does not allow multiple calendars and dos not show the agenda as igoogle widget

  14. Alternatives suck IMHO. Google is driving us back to M$ or an empty page.

    Google is beyond stupidity to end iGoogle and don’t come up with a better alternative.

    Thanks for the overview anyway, it’s informative.

  15. I actually had been exploring for techniques for my very own blog
    site and came across your blog post, “10 Possible iGoogle Replacement Alternatives l Dreamcore”, will you mind if perhaps I actually utilize a few of ur ideas?
    Thanks -Lonnie

  16. Using UStart inside IE9, did not download to replace. Works well. Limited apps as of now but allows you to set your time zone and for location for weather. User who stated these were off probably didn’t set these for their location. With more apps will work as good as IGoogle….

  17. You’re so interesting! I don’t believe I’ve read through a single thing like this before. So nice to discover another person with a few genuine thoughts on this issue. Really.. thanks for starting this up. This website is something that’s needed on the internet,
    someone with a little originality!

  18. So many alternatives are released for iGoogle. Mean while I have created Alternative of iGoogle with Wonderful and informative widgets homepage

    Plz give me ur support and spread about this with your friends

  19. Although I appreciate all the good websites out there but my main criteria to choose a website are simplicity and user-friendliness . I came across this website and have set it as my homepage. What I like the most about it is that you can categorize and create different folders for related websites and have them organized in the manner you wish. Its User-friendly Calendar is another awesome feature. While you try other options I would highly suggest you try http://WWW.PORTALPANEL.COM as well. It helps me a lot and I hope you find it helpful as well.

  20. I have checked some of the options but most of them lack the simplicity of iGoogle. One of the alternatives that I have liked is mainly because it is just simple and that I could import my page from iGoogle so I don’t have to re-do it, as well as the RSS feeds and my favorites from browsers.

    For me it has been a great discovery and for free, which is great seeing that many of the new ones are charging for it :-/

  21. This is worth reposting as Yahoo! has totally mucked up It’s not going away, but after I chose to try the new look – with no way to go back – I lost “apps” or add-ons of their own making: Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, News, etc.

  22. If I can contribute to someone else’s desperate search as the counter on iGoogle is leading to an inevitable end, I found to be a brilliant replacement (thanks to one of the above comments) which in some ways is even better. Especially the bookmarking app. So my vote goes there

  23. and are nice too. I guess for me I wanted something where i could see my weather, and RSS feed info, recent articles posted from various sites etc. iGoogle was like my Walmart, I could get everything I needed to see in one place. We have less than a month now until it is closed down. Sad days ahead.

  24. iloggo is an internet desktop. It’s a starting page which allows you to visit your most frequently visited sites with a single click.

    Similar to “Windows” desktop, you can choose icons of your favorites websites and put them on your web dashboard. Now, you just click the icons instead of typing web address.

  25. Hi, I found a new igoogle alternative

    It’s a really nice site when you can do more or less the same than with igoogle.
    You can add the rss feed you like, have the weather of your city and use facebook/twitter clients if you want it.

    It’s fast… and for a new site it’s really stable.

  26. I’m pretty bent about igoogle.. never thought they would actually shut it down.. but I’ve been checking out replacements and I’m down to either or netvibes.. Startific is looking like an upgrade to me…

    Way to go Google.. rope us all in.. then drop us.. tisk tisk tisk…

  27. I highly recommend With its new ,beautiful and neat design, it shows that it is not a copy of igoogle again.

    It’s a web-based online bookmarking tool with a unique link scanning feature that produces a picture thumbnail of each bookmarked page and also features a Calendar app and a Library app and RSS reader.

    It’s a great alternative to iGoogle and Google Reader. PortalPanel stores, labels and helps organizing bookmarks so they can be retrieved for later use easily any time.

    Meanwhile you can easily import you bookmarks from google bookmarks to portalpanel.

  28. Hello everybody, I will suggest you . This site provides you excellent information regarding top 10 iGoogle alternatives. You can know about the every alternative their strengths, their weaknesses, and rates each and every one of them. After at the end you can easily choose your best iGoogle alternatives. Thanks

  29. I’ve been using for few months and I found it very interesting and useful. Its simple home page allows you to bookmark your favourite websites and links in separate folders which makes it very neat and clean. Besides, you have control on some of your social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as Yahoo weather. You can also get the latest news you are interested in delivered right to you, by its RSS reader. The latest update for Portalpanel brings Google Bookmarks import feature. So you can easily import your old bookmarks into PortalPanel.
    It works safely (HTTPS) and perfectly in different browsers and I would suggest to make it your homepage and enjoy its simplicity.

    PS I actually quite liked their slogan: “One Page to Rule Them All”. It seems to be very true.

  30. I’ve been using for about a year now on both IE and Firefox. It works well with most major news feeds but local news (Eastern New Mexico) is not consistent. I am able to find local newspapers but the feeds don’t stay up and have to be reloaded to the point that its easier just to search out their sites on the WEB. It does not handle custom Widgets very well and has a hard time with gmail being a live feed. It does allow for page tabbing. I am not a user or Facebook or Twitter so I can’t make a comment on those interfaces. All in all, it gets me by, it’s still not iGoggle.
    I was notified about a spyware concern for at:

    but I have not experienced the described problem myself.

  31. I believe is an awesome alternative . It is one of the most professional online web bookmarking in the market and RSS Reader and an awesome homepage:

    1) You can control your famous social networks.

    2) Stores, labels and helps organize bookmarks with a unique link scanning feature that produces a picture thumbnail of each bookmarked page.

    3) Creating Instagram Album

    4) Calendar

    5) Free Auto Update RSS Reader

    6) Library app is an old-fashioned (in the best way possible) information repository organized by country, region and/or state, and category.

    It is a perfect homepage for your daily browsing.

  32. Here’s another user and I just want to mention that this alternative has worked really well for me. It’s easy to use and, most importantly, it allows me to do all the things I need to do.

  33. Greetings from Los angeles! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to check out your website on my iphone during lunch break.
    I enjoy the information you provide here and can’t wait to take a look
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    I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, very good blog!

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