10 Tips To Get Your Website Indexed Quickly

When your website is design process is completed and the site is ready to go live, your next big goal will be to get your website indexed with search engines as quickly as possible. Using these tips your site can get indexed by search engines rapidly without too much stress or exertion. The trick to this is posting and promoting your website on popular, high ranking sites that search engines bots visit regularly.

Here are 10 excellent tips that will  help you get your newly launched website quickly listed by major search engines.

1.Webmaster Tools

First action you will want to take is to open a Google Webmaster Tools account that is provided by major search engine like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, You will need to confirm your website ownership and submit your site with a sitemap.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web development tool from Google. It is used to track visitors to your website. Once you are registered you will need to
add a small piece of  javascript into code of your website to help assist with the tracking.

3. Make a Sitemap

I can’t begin to address how underestimated the importance
of a sitemap is to your website. You will want to create a XML sitemaps as well as an html one. Make sure the sitemap links to every page in your website. Placing a link to the sitemap in the header
or footer of your website is generally best so that it appears on every page of the site.

4. MyYahoo

Create a MyYahoo account and then submit your website RSS feed. Be sure to use a site such as pingomatic to ping every time you update
your blog. Some CMS software such as WordPress will automatically ping for you as you make updates to your posts
or pages.

5. Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking has become increasingly popular, even an addiction to some. They have a huge influence on Search Engines and its a great way to improve your business networking as well as get your new website indexed. Be sure to submit your website to social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Twitter, Technorati,, and!

6. Forum Posting

Create posts in popular, open registration forum with the page or URL in there. Spamming forums generally isn’t appreciated so often just placing a link to your new website in your signature can be best.  Search engine bots frequently crawl these forums, and will find the link to your website as it scans through the posts.

7. Create a Blog

Its a good idea to include a blog in your website. Even if you dislike blogging it is a great way to get your site indexed. Search engines love fresh content and Blogging gives them just that. Blogging allows beneficial pinging to search engines.Doing something as similar as a creating a few posts that ping Google, you are sending an invitation to that bot to visit your website. Doing this will quicken the index time, frequently you will see the post indexed within a few days or less.

8. Posting Videos

This technique isn’t always necessary but is certainly helpful, especially if  the Search Engines are being particularly stubborn about listing  your site. Posting videos with keyword rich descriptions to video sites with good authority such as YouTube can yield fantastic results!

9. Have Good SEO!

Yes SEO Matters! Having good search engine optimization in your site can make or break not only how well your site ranks but HOW it gets listed.  It is imperative that your website has quality unique content that is rich with keywords that are relevant to your site. The site should be well coded, have a solid title,
use meta tags and meet W3C Standards to ensure proper accessibility.

10. Get backlinks
Yep some sites are designed to list other websites to check for page rank, value, whois information, etc. Visiting the below sites (be sure to change to the actual
domain of your new website. Doing this helps with indexing and obtaining some backlinks to your new site.

22- wrote a quick index script that automates some of this.

With today’s search engine technology getting index is no brainier, it just takes some creativity! If you use these tips and put a little time into it, your site will get indexed with the
major search engines in no time!

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