Welcome to Dreamcore, My name is Christina and this is my visual playground. I use this site to showcase some of the work that I have created and blog about analytics along with the occasional tasty beverage.

How it started:
The story of how I got into analytics is a strange one…  

Once a upon a time in the 90s I was a Bartender that by chance happened to acquire an old 386 computer. It was running Windows 3.1 with an 80MB hard drive. This was pretty awful, even for back in those days… so much so that it didn’t have enough hard drive space to install one of those old AOL floppy disks.  

Tumblr in Lynx Browser

A friend suggested I get a dial-up UNIX Shell account, a simple thing that ended up making a huge impact on my life. I learned to telnet to MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) and started playing MMO games. I also taught myself the basics of navigating around with UNIX commands, web server config and creating simple websites by writing HTML in a VI editor.

Soon after I decided on a career change and accepted a job working in IT. It was awesome getting to use a real computer, and viewing websites in a browser that supported all those cheesy graphics. I fell in love with the Internet; the idea that I could create something and someone halfway around the world could view and interact with it had me hooked.

I had found my passion. I continued taught myself how to write HTML and CSS, and eventually got into SEO with a focus on User Experience and later into Analytics.

What I do:
I currently have a full-time position doing Marketing Data Analysis for an online, video and mobile game development company.  

Why I do it:
I do this kind of work I do because it is my passion. I like the industry. I like the people I meet. I like to interact and talk shop. I accept and embrace the nerd in me.

What else:
In my spare time, I work on a number of personal projects, spend time with my family, listen to music and love watching EPL and MLS soccer (especially our home team Sporting Kansas City).

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