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Bilateral carpal tunnel surgery – One down, one to go

If you’ve been reading other posts in my blog, you’ve learned that I was diagnosed with bilateral carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome. After 3 weeks of therapy, on July 21st I had my first bilateral carpal tunnel surgery, of course i’m just doing one arm at a time, doing both would be a bit silly and the thought of not having at least one arm to use would be unbearable. The surgery went well, or so they are saying. I feel better than expected, thanks to the pain mess. They gave me Hydrocodone-Acetaminop 7.5-500 tabs. I can wiggle my fingers even though they are still completely numb after the surgery.

Posting this from my iPhone, when I get out of bed and over to my pc I’ll upload some bilateral carpal tunnel surgery pics.


Fingers on my right hand are still a bit swollen (2 days post op )

Updating this post on Saturday, July 23 two days post op

The fingers on my right hand are still very swollen and numb pretty much as if my hand were in a deep sleep. I called the doctor’s office yesterday and asked if this was normal, they said it was due to local numbing medication I’ve been given and that it should eventually wear off. I still can’t use my hand at all the most I’ve been able to do is get my index finger to touch my thumb which as funny as it sounds it somewhat difficult at the moment.

I am and a lot less pain than I had expected – three cheers for pain medication! However, I have been trying to spread out the pain medication as thin as possible currently taking one pill approximately every 5 to 6 hours. Today I managed take a shower and wash my hair by myself, it wasn’t easy but it was manageable and I didn’t even get my bandaging wet. The pain meds still make me tired and I find myself dozing off and taking a couple naps during the day. Overall, I’m bored and anxious to get my hand and arm fully functional again. I have an appointment on July 27 to see my physical therapist, at which time they will remove the bandage wrap and change it out for something else, what exactly I’m not quite certain.

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