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Carpal and cubital tunnel surgery recovery day 6

Today is officially carpal and cubital tunnel surgery recovery day 6! I had endoscopic carpel and cubital tunnel surgery on my right hand & arm on July 21st.

I went to my first physical therapy appointment since having surgery done. I met with kym who was very nice. She took off the gauze and replaced it with a snug fitting “sock” that had extra padding at the elbow. She also had me move my arm and hand and took measurements to see how much motion I was currently capable of. Overall I was there for almost 2 hours but it was a good experience. I’ll update and edit with more details tomorrow, posting from my iPhone is rough.

Carpal and cubital tunnel surgery recovery photos.






Update July 30th the last two pictures are from yesterday, post op day 8

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel surgery incisions 8 days post-op.
Cubital Tunnel Release surgery incision 8 days post-op.


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