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How to create a LinkedIn company page

Creating a Linkedin Company Page

Frequently, when I speak with people about LinkedIn and the importance of having corporate presence there, I find that many aren’t even aware that they can have a company profile page.  What is even worse  is that most small business owners do not know why they should consider a LinkedIn presence for their company or organization. “Isn’t it only for people who want to change jobs?”  Tends to be the most common response.

While that tends to be true, that is actually one of the many reasons why you should have a LinkedIn Company page.  If you are interested to showcase yourself as an employer to recruit new employees, you should be on LinkedIn!  Being on LinkedIn gives you the ability to Manage your Professional Brand, Organize your Professional Relationships, Attract Recruiters as well as  new potential Employees.

Add your business

Go to LinkedIn and on your own profile and click on Companies in the main menu. Then pop Add Company up to the right, under the search box in the menu (see picture below).
Then follow the instructions.


After you create your company profile, edit it and fill in the details. You can come back and edit or update your Company’s information anytime you want. Click on the Company in the main menu folds out a submenu where you can find your company profile. Click it to visit your business page.  To the right side of the page you will see a button called Admin Tools which can be used to Edit, Delete or Promote your Company.

Remember to fill in the company’s specialties / profile under Specialties. This allows you to add keyword that can assist others who are looking for a company in your industry / profile to find your specific requirements. Also, don’t forget to add to your blog or news channel’s RSS feed if you happen to have one.

Get boost from employees

Yes that’s right – Your employees can help increase the exposure of your company’s profile page!  All of your current staff, and former employees who have a profile on LinkedIn and set you as a current or former employers can help.

Ask them nicely to update their profile and link to their employment with you to your new company’s profile page (and do it yourself too for that matter).  In this way, any person who is visits the pprofile of one of your staff can easily access your page and learn more about about your business. Not only that, but it gives you the ability as an Employer to show off your competent staff.

Increased visibility

When you walk into a company profile on LinkedIn is the ability to share that page on in their network (with profiles). On the right side is a button called share, and there are several share options to help you spread the word:


You can share posts on your own profile, on Twitter, in groups or to send it to specific individuals via email.

So there are several reasons why it is important for your company to create a profile on LinkedIn and how easy it is to get started.  Don’t wait do it today and increase visibility, connect you with your staff and yourself to ensure that the information about the company is correct.

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