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Fat melon blue fingers after surgery

Today is Tuesday, July 26 five days since I had the carpel and cubital surgeries done on my right arm. I’m doing better overall, the experience wasn’t as bad as I had originally feared. The main problem I have been experiencing is a lot of swelling in my fingers and my hand still feels like it’s asleep; especially in the third fourth and fifth digits through the ulnar side of the hand.  I have fat melon-like blue fingers after surgery, how exciting! 🙁

I called the Doctor’s office yesterday and spoke with a nurse who assured me that the swelling and numbness I was experiencing was quite common. Last night I noticed that the knuckles were turning blue on the middle and ring fingers, the swelling was becoming very uncomfortable. I was taking pain medication mostly due to the discomfort of the tight bandage than the actual pain from the surgery. I have an appointment with the hand therapist on Wednesday and they said they would be switching out my bandage at that time, but due to my impatience and level of discomfort I decided to call today and ask him if I could just remove the bandaging myself. I explained the swelling that I was experiencing and that my knuckles were turning blue at which point they agreed that removing it was probably a good idea. I removed most of the ace bandaging and instantly felt a large amount of relief, there is still a gauze bandage wrapped around my hand and arm which I figured would be wise to leave alone.

The fact that my hand still feels as if it’s asleep worries me, but I’ve noticed small improvements in movement and strength which is encouraging. Two days after the surgery it was a struggle for me to touch my index finger to my thumb which I can now do with ease. I could probably even make a fist if it weren’t for the fact that my fingers were so swollen and fat. I have started to have minimal use of my hand I can use my index finger to touch type, turn off the light switch, hold my cell phone, basic things that require no real strength or pressure appeared to be doable. I am able to shower and wash my hair (placing a plastic bag over my right arm with some scrunchy hair ties around it to keep my hand and arm dry). I even left the house for the first time today, drove y car to pick up my youngest son and grab some meds from the pharmacy. There are still some things that are difficult if not impossible to do with only one arm like tying my hair back (generally needed when its 100+ degrees outside).

I have an appointment tomorrow to see the hand therapist and will take and upload some photographs after they removed the remaining gauze bandaging from my hand and arm.

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