Life After The L.A Riots

It has been 18 years since I left Los Angeles for Atlanta. Honestly, for many years I missed it, longed for it, even dreamt of it. As years passed I guess you could say I eventually outgrew it, especially after moving to Kansas City about 6 years ago.

20 years ago if you had told me that I’d be living in Kansas and loving it; I probably would of slapped you silly.  I admit that I love it here!  It is clean (at least Kansas side where I’m at).  No graffiti, gangs, corner street bonfires or masses of half crazed homeless people talking to their shopping carts.  The air is clean, lots of open land, fields, grass and trees ( real trees not masses of  manually planted palm trees).  I can walk out into my yard at night, look up and see the stars not to mention see the seasons change.  I love my house, friends and even the company I am working for is amazing.  My kids are happy, in good schools and doing great as well.  Oh and did I forget to mention that we have a totally awesome kick ass MLS soccer team? Go Sporting Kansas City!

I feel I need to clarify that I don’t utterly hate California and think that all aspects of it are bad.   I did about everything there was to do in L.A. during the years I lived there… late nights in Hollywood clubs, then eating at Dennys over on Sunset & Gower.  Utterly insane parties at houses in the hills, spending time in Malibu and then sleeping on the beach until sunrise.  Sure it is fun, and can seem like a paradise, but the quality of life and people overall I tend to prefer here in the Midwest.  It is hard to explain but I have simply become a better person since leaving, but that has been my own personal journey.

About the featured image:  One of many pictures taken back on April 29th, 1992, the day of the L.A Riots.  I was living in Hollywood at the time near Western Ave. & Santa Monica Blvd. I clearly recall having to stuff a towel at the base of the door to my Apartment to try and keep the smoke out.  Hard to believe that it is almost 20 years since those Riots took place – It was a dark time certainly not one of L.A’s finest moments.

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