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I have noticed of late a new trend of new websites that allow you to view a website as it would appear to mobile users. A very impressive site that does this is MoFuse.

MuFuse is a Mobile Site Builder that is .mobi compliant that lets you create a mobile version of your website or blog in a matter of minutes. You can do this with or without signing up, if you do choose to sign up you get your own subdomain at yourname.mofuse.mobi, site staistics, custom design, rss feed, as well as monetize options for free. They also offer a pro service for $3. per month that offers additional features.

Mowser is an interesting which while not a flashy service like MoFuse was impressive and certainly helpful to designers who are trying to get their websites/blogs tuned to mobile users. The Mowser application mobilizes the web by taking HTML pages normally displayed on a personal computer and conforms them so they work on a mobile phone.


In a practical sense Mowser transforms whichever URL optimizing it for being seen on the cellular one and is an optimal unloaded instrument because it allows to reduce of much the kilobyte, reducing at once the images, not using the style css predefined and other minor discernments.

Unfortunately after reading Russle Beattie’s Blog it appears that after one year of going live the Mowser project did not do well and lacked needed fund raising. It was a sad read, I thought Mowser was a great site and truth be told it was what originally inspired me research mobile browsers and start this article.

According to the Pew Internet Project’s December 2007 survey:

58% of adult Americans have used a cell phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) to
do at least one of ten mobile non-voice data activities, such as texting, emailing,
taking a picture, looking for maps or directions, or recording video.
41% of adult Americans have logged onto the internet on the go, that is, away from
home or work either with a wireless laptop connection or a handheld device.
This comes to 62% of all Americans who have some experience with mobile access to
digital data and tools. That is, they have either used a cell phone or PDA for a non-voice
data application or logged on to the internet away from home or work using a wireless
laptop connection or with a handheld device.

That is a huge market, is your website accessible to mobile internet users? Don’t be left out, Dreamcore offers mobile web design services!

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