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No computer, and no improvement

I accepted a new position in my company that will be much less stressful and requires less typing. I’ve been training class to learn the new job for
over a week now just sitting there in class new computer only occasionally taking some hand notes. My condition certainly is not getting better, in fact it might be getting worse. Granted my hands and arms are not screaming in pain as much as when I was typing for several hours per day, however considering that I am practically doing nothing at all, it is surprising that I still feel so far from normal. I have found that I still have partial numbness in my ring and pinky fingers on both hands. In addition, I have pain in both wrists, even when doing simple tasks or handwriting. I have also been having more pain in my elbows as well as discomfort when bending my arms.

I have decided to go through with the recommended surgeries I have a lot of concerns some valid, many others purely paranoia. I am not a huge fan of general anesthesia. The last time I was fully put under was when I was 16 years old for gallbladder surgery. I ended up with a 6+ inch horizontal scar across my stomach with massive nerve damage that left me with no feeling in the area below the scar.

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