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I received an email a couple days ago requesting that I take a look at this new beta site called Qassia. After receiving my invite I decided to surf by, Sign Up and check it out. Here are some facts you should know about this new breakthrough Web 2.0 site.

About Qassia

Qassia is a credit-driven intel engine that is a united tag styled internet directory (imagine a link and article directory all rolled into one… and then some). However, one of the many factors that makes Qassia unparalleled when compared to most other web 2.0 sites is that they rely on user contribution and interactivity, since their sustenance is based upon the collecting of intelligence.


What can someone do at Qassia?

The first great thing about Qassia is that it is free to use and jam packed with features. You can post up as many URLS as you wish free of charge, and without having to give reciprocal backlinks. Website additions are posted immediately and receive rankings based on the number of credits you have collected. You will receive infinite high quality follow backlinks to help increase the SERP of your websites. In addition, you can also add intel for “intelligence”, which is a particular piece of information. What they appraise at Qassia is intel regarding people, companies, and of course the world around you.

Why is Qassia in such demand?

Website promotions becomes increasingly difficult each day. Webmasters are impelled to invest hours upon hours doing routine and unprofitable projects such as link exchanges. Most eventually lose hope and pour their money into advertisements for their sites, which is why Google Adwords pulls in approximately one billion dollars per quarter. Qassia not only provides you with a free service to promote your site, gives unlimited backlinks, they also allow you to enter your AdSense ID in your profile and make 100% from any ad clicks your page receives.

How will Qassia generate traffic?

Qassia rewards you with credit when you add intelligence. The more credit you receive, the higher ranking your sites will receive and the better their placement in the Qassia directory. In addition to submitting intel members may also screen submitted intel submitted by other members for credit. This provides incentive for members to contribute and remain interactive within the Qassia System.

To sum it up, Qassia is currently the best free online “ad revenue sharing” site found on the Internet. Qassia opened its doors on January 4, 2008, and is currently in closed beta. However, member invites can be obtained from current Qassia member sites. The more users that get Signed Up with Qassia, the more everybody will profit from it, so why not give Qassia a whirl? It takes less than one minute to Register. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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