Virtual Happy Hour Series

I am grateful that I get to work in an industry that I love with a group of truly awesome people. I am additionally thankful that my Company was proactive in allowing those who could work from home to do so during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

As an Introvert, Analytics and Gamer Geek, WFH is a perfect fit. However, I do miss the social interaction a bit, especially on Friday’s when group of us would get together for food and drinks.

Virtual Happy Hour Invite
Virtual Happy Hour Invite

Last week I received an Invite to a Virtual Happy Hour. I thought it was a brilliant idea. A way to get people face to face to shoot the shit and improve mental well being.

As a former Bartender, I thought it might be fun to do a Virtual Happy Hour series of blog posts where I will share what speciality drink i’m making each week to enjoy with my colleagues.

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