Why igHome will be my iGoogle replacement

A while back I wrote a post listing possible alternatives for iGoogle. As the countdown to  iGoogle’s eventual demise on November 1st, 2013 nears, I have tried several random iGoogle replacement candidates.  Most iGoogle alternatives had some good features, but nothing quite hit the. They all left me feeling a little displaced and just didn’t give me all that iGoogle has over the last several years.

In walks igHome, developed by Mike Sutton, which can easily be considered as the best replacement to iGoogle offered to date.  The site looks almost identical to iGoogle. You can add newsfeeds and gadgets (and arrange them by dragging), add new tabs to organize that content, and also apply background colors or images. It even has a handy Google toolbar and search bar for quick access to your Google apps. There are some small minor differences such as the customize the black bar in the header which through preferences you can modify to include links to your favorite websites.

It even offers an import feature to try and pull in data from your current iGoogle page. I was able to nearly duplicate my current iGoogle homepage through igHome without much work.




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  1. Have you tried ?
    You will be amazed of how interactive and different it is from all the normal and boring
    startpages out there. It’s definitely not your average startpage, I love it!

  2. I’ve been running igHome for more than a week and I’m really happy with it. It loads quickly and it has a neat, clean appearance. So far I Ican’t find anything that is iGoogle that it doesn’t support. For now I’m retaining my former iGoogle homepage as a second tab default when logging on to the internet until I’m sure igHome is working well.

    All my bookmarks from Firefox and iGoogle have loaded automatically without importing as some suggested. And so far there are no gadgets that I miss with plenty to chose from at the igHome website. I hope they will get lots of opportunity to grow cause igHome seems to be solid and engineered very well.

  3. Hi!
    I’m somewhat confused by what I’m trying to do here. I had igoogle and I signed in to igHome. Now I have igHome and igoogle disappeared, which I understand. What confuses me is my google search engine is staring me in the face. Doesn’t igHome have a search engine all alone or am I suppose to still be using google? Also, once the igoogle is gone on Nov. 1st, will igHome automatically stay on as my home page? Otherwise, I still have to click on igHome in order to see what I want. Firefox is my main setup.

    Thank you,

  4. I have used it for several weeks but suddenly tonight it isn’t there
    “HTTP error 503” for the past hour.
    I’ll give it 12 hours and then switch to something that DOES work!
    (I’ll have a look at Startific)

  5. My iGoogle is loaded with images – goComics that lists my favorites, “beach of the day” “art of the day,” etc. igHome doesn’t seem to be able to handle images, just RSS feeds. Am I just not doing something right? I hate giving up my iGoogle. It’s my escape from the nonsense of the web ;).

  6. I am fairly certain that can display images, similar to iGoogle igHome allows you to add Gadgets. For example there are gadgets for weather, Motivation & Inspiration and Pinterest. I guess it will depend on if someone creates a gadget to pull in a full picture of the day.

  7. is simple home page with icons of all your favorite sites. You can choose logos or crop them easily and then display on your grids. And yes, iloggo is compatible with any mobile browser and you can have same grids on your PC, mobile and tablet.

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