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Why SEO Is Important For Your Website

As we move into web 2.0 the next generation of web development it amazes me still how many websites do not use proper (SEO) technologies. This article will discuss the basics of SEO (SEO) and how it is an important factor to the success of your website.

The aim of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to improve web traffic numbers by ranking extremely well in the outcome of searches using the most accurate keywords describing the subject matter of your website. Proper search engine optimization is never a one time activity, it is a continual process to ensure high rankings with search engines using search terms that are relevant to the website content. It is important to understand that search engine optimization is never about tricking the search engines, it is simply an issue of comprehending what search engines seek when they visit your website.


Google states that it rates websites based upon over 200 different signals. It is the responsibility of Google and other Search Engines (Yahoo, MSN, Etc.) for the user to be their first priority and in doing so to keep their search experiences pertinent. Google is especially rough on websites that use unethical (often referred to as ‘blackhat’) methods to gain high rankings. Some of these methods include cloaking, hidden links, keyword stuffing, and duplicate content and is known to remove them entirely from their listings when found.

Many say that “Content is King!” Having a content-rich website is especially important because it engages the reader, increases search engine rankings and traffic, and promotes the likelihood of quality incoming links from other websites.

This consists of writing material that precisely identifies your offered services, creating well-defined paths for visitors to follow, linking off to significant resources, and having your website designed with good usability web standards so that it is easily accessible. If the website is developed with the customer in mind it will be well organized and full of content. You are permitted to repeat your keywords within the page content to a reasonable degree, as long as the sentence structure is in tact, makes readable sense and has appropriate context it will not be regarded as spamming. Content-based (SEO) has the likelihood to yield you the most stable long-term results.

Keyword research and analysis is very crucial and challenging work for website internet marketing. Construct every web page separately like it was its own individual entrance way into your website and only use a few key phases that are specifically related to each page. The title of each page should include your keyphrases or keywords and help distinguish your site, or the particular page, in a unique manor. Registering a domain name with keywords that are related to your website content is always a nice idea when possible as it can be more memorable to your visitors.

Hiring a professional web designer to do keyword research and or assist you with search engine optimization is strongly suggested. While top search engine positions and more site traffic are an admirable goal, the true value of search engine optimization is found in positive effects on customer acquisition costs and bottom line revenues. To a great degree, search engine optimization is simply an extension of best practices in web page design.

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